People-first AI solutions that maximise the efficiency of your organisation.

How can AI help you?​

AI is not as scary, expensive, or complicated as it might seem. In fact, the best AI solution is a thoughtful one.

We collaborate with you to:

  • identify the problem
  • understand your data
  • customise a solution that works for you

We’re Xtract AI, and we take a people-first approach to artificial intelligence.

We enable change-makers.

Our customers are decision makers aiming to improve their organisations by empowering their people and enhancing business functions. They’re looking for a partner who can help them create efficiencies that go well beyond ROI and can potentially transform their operation. We work closely with our customers and leverage their own industry expertise to create accessible AI solutions, purpose-built for their needs.

We solve important problems by putting your data to work.

We help your people focus on their most valuable work by developing AI solutions that take care of important-but-mundane or time-consuming tasks. These practical solutions enable better decision making by rapidly analysing and interpreting large volumes of data, be it images, video, social media, or online content — including events unfolding in real-time. We help you to act quickly on critical insights and gain a competitive edge.

We factor people in, not out.

We are a deeply curious team of problem-solvers, dedicated to improving people’s lives with practical AI solutions. Our expert analysts, data scientists, and software engineers have the experience and ingenuity to deliver measurable results. We take an agile approach to quickly align with your business and make it easy for you to be successful.

People-first AI solutions.