Last year, as the world moved online and adapted to business in the COVID-19 era, we wanted to ensure our brand and digital presence aligned with who we are. In working closely with our clients, we’ve learned a lot about the problems they need to solve, the questions they have about AI, and the information they need to be able to visualise how AI can enhance their operation. We decided to rethink our brand, website, and supporting material with these lessons in mind, using the same people-first mindset we bring to our solutions.

A mockup of the Xtract website depicts the new brand image.

The process started with our agency partner, Full Current, interviewing our leadership team and facilitating workshops. These sessions were used to compile our team’s experiences working with clients and identify key insights, including our clients’ needs, market trends, and our technological capabilities, that became the foundation of our brand strategy.

One of the most important insights was that clients often don’t have prior experience with AI and there are a lot of misconceptions about it. Our team collaborated with Full Current along with their video production partner, Tripwire Media, to develop a custom branded explainer video that synthesizes our approach to developing custom AI solutions.

Along with that, we worked hard to create landing pages, sales material, and slide decks that show how AI adds value in a way that is much more accessible. We focused on real-world examples to demonstrate how AI’s ability to recognise patterns can be used in most applications with sufficient data. This makes it easy for readers to understand what we do in a practical context, removing the need for convoluted details and jargon.

Another key insight was that many organisations are looking to solve business problems and frequently aren’t considering AI initially — even when it’s the best-suited solution. We restructured our content to lead with the challenges we solve, helping people identify with our past work and start thinking about how they can optimise their operation with AI.

We have always prioritised practicality for end-users in our solutions and we needed to do that with our website as well. With a minimalist design that consolidated much of the previous website, we set out to make AI as approachable as possible. The end result is an intuitive new layout with a contemporary look that we carried across our other marketing materials. We know it will go a long way in helping people understand AI and, in turn, will help them maximise the value of their data, focus on high-value work, and increase their efficiency.