What we build

We solve important problems by putting your data to work.

We build AI solutions that enable you to efficiently process large volumes of data, quickly act on insights, and gain a competitive edge. Our machine-learning-based tools identify relevant patterns and information in structured and unstructured text, images, video, and online content, making it easy for you to maximise the value of your data. 

Each solution is optimised for its specific application, ensuring you get a practical end-product that meets your needs. The results are new business efficiencies that go beyond return on investment and increase the overall productivity of your operation. Our solutions feature:

Easy integration

with your existing systems, making it simple for your teams to interact with.

Valuable insights

provided in real-time by automated reporting that tracks and interprets the data you most care about.

Ongoing iteration

to implement and fine-tune your solution to ensure smooth long-term operation.

Implementing AI in your organisation

At Xtract AI we want to make artificial intelligence as accessible as possible. Let us help guide you through exploring how AI can fit into your business, today.

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