Who we help

We enable change-makers, like you.

We help domain experts from a wide range of fields find better ways to overcome challenges using innovative AI solutions. Because each of our solutions is purpose-built, we can work with clients from virtually any industry where data is being processed. Our solutions’ scalability allows you to focus on a small function with a lower cost, providing flexibility and helping you get an easy start with AI. We have helped forward-thinkers transform the way they work in industries including defense and security, healthcare, recycling, and transportation, with the potential to enhance critical functions in many more. We help grow your business with:

Adaptable models

allow our algorithms to be customised to handle a wide range of tasks.

Collaborative process

makes understanding AI simple for you and your team while ensuring we understand your unique needs.


efficiencies create a universal competitive advantage for operations that successfully implement AI solutions.

Start developing your custom AI solution

Partner with a team of experts in machine learning and computer sciences, working to make AI more accessible.

Implementing AI in your organisation

At Xtract AI we want to make artificial intelligence as accessible as possible. Let us help guide you through exploring how AI can fit into your business, today.

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